Your Next Event…Elevated

More Memorable, More Engaging, More Fun!

Malik Haddadi, Entertainer and Speaker, is a 25 year entertainment veteran.

You can benefit from Malik’s years of experience:

  • Malik is an expert in connection and communication. Your clients, prospects, or attendees will be better connected to each other, and your event.
  • Sponsors, VIPs, and special guests will have their logo or message permanently etched in the memories of your attendees.
  • Easy and efficient booking saves you time and headache.

Entertainer and Speaker Malik Haddadi has helped clients achieve the maximum experience from their events for over 25 years. Join companies like Lifespan, Ameriprise, Whole Foods, New York Life, Schluter Systems, and many more. Let Malik elevate your next event to new heights.

Call Malik now at (617) 671-5990 to discuss what Unconventional Productions can do for you.